WE’VE all been there, when the emptying pages on that dreaded search engine have you feeling apathetic and exasperated, and you feel like all you need is a large glass of — whatever your vice is, accompanied by your nearest and dearest. 

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It’s understandable – you feel at your wits’ end with the tedious routine of constantly checking your inbox for any career updates, and it’s easy to be under the impression that time is slipping through your fingers.
If you’re anything like me and regularly get spouts of the old itchy feet, then job ‘sites are most likely up there on your most frequently visited, hand in hand with the looming grey clouds swarming your inner monologue, planting those seeds which blossom into “where the hell is my career going”.
Whenever you feel the strains of the real world, from someone cutting in front of you in the queue at that grocery store, to someone cutting you up on the motorway: who is it that you think of calling up and ranting to?


Research shows that being active fixes just about any problem, from eating too many cookies to bursting that stress bubble.
Call up your friends and plan a get together at your local park, or even go out and walk your dogs together. Fresh air will clear your headspace, give you a break from your job-search and ensure you’re having some much needed quality time.

  1. RELAX

One of the most calming and comforting things when it comes to unwinding is a session at the spa. From aromatherapy to hot stone, there’s something to suit everyone. Treating you and your friend to a relaxing spa day is something both intimate and also imperative – within whatever time bracket you choose to spend indulging in the finer things in life, your mind can run away with you.


When certain aspects of your life are perceived by yourself to be ‘bad’, it’s easy to let yourself believe that it’s all just a part of a sinking ship – when in reality, it’s just a bump in the road.
One of the most satisfying ways of taking control of your time is making lists: this way, it’s easy to see how you want to spend your time, who you’d like to spend that time with and what you’d like to do. Allocate yourself some job-hinting time each day, whatever feels comfortable, and fill the rest doing refreshing and relaxing things, catching up with old and new faces.
This way, it makes it much clearer and affective when going ahead in making plans.



Life is far too short to keep you in the same mundane routine – spice things up a little and do something different, a perfect excuse to bring a friend along.
Dig out that bucket list and pick out a bunch of different things you’ve always wanted to try, and take a different friend along each time, you may even get some much needed inspiration to re-vamp that CV of yours.


One of the hardest things about making the time to meet up with friends is the fact that you have to juggle so many different schedules around.
If your friend group lead hectic and busy schedules that makes it harder to have lunch dates or after-work beers, then get together over dinner one evening and organize yourselves that exotic trip away you’ve all bee yearning for, or that hiking trip that’s been tugging on your attention strings.
This gives you something to look forward to and could spur you on to bag yourself some interviews!


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