SCOTTISH singer-songwriter KT Tunstall is currently in the middle of what some have labeled a “triumphant return”.
Having taken some time out of her whirlwind music career, she is back and ready to unleash a whole new catalogue of material.

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Born in Edinburgh, she later moved to St Andrews, where at the age of four, she began to spark her musical endowment by taking up the piano.

Tunstall was said to have been a part of a very academic family, but had dreams to persevere a musical-oriented path.
She attended Lawhead Primary and Madras College, in St. Andrews, before then progressing on to studying at the Royal Holloway, London, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Drama & Music.
During Tunstall’s 20s, she played in both Elia Drew and Tomoko, which produced predominantly indie music, before moving on and turning her talents toward songwriting, alongside preforming, with the novice Fence Collective

Tunstall launched onto the music scene in the early naughties, with the release of her debut album, Eye to the Telescope, in 2004.

She then went on to captivate audiences with her live solo performance of “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree”, on Later…with Jools Holland, which according to Chart Stats, went on to become on of the most radio-played singles of 2005 in the United Kingdom.
With 24 hours to prepare for her performance, Tunstall performed as a one-man band, using her guitar, tambourine and a loop pedal, making a notable mark on the industry.

The album was then re-released, spurting to No.3 in the charts, having earlier charted at No.73.

As Tunstall’s musical career blossomed, her material was being used on the big screen, by the likes of Ugly Betty and The Devil Wears Prada.

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In 2006, she launched her second album, which was solely acoustic.
At first, the album was exclusively available via postal orders, from her website, but it was re-released a few months later in stores, worldwide.
Her third album followed nearly a year after, premiering firstly in Scotland, with the remainder of Britain following a week later. The album reached No.1 on the Scottish Album Charts and No.3 on the British Charts, and was a considerable milestone in Tunstall’s career.

Tunstall had come a long way from touring and supporting other acts, to being nominated for a Grammy, winning a BRIT and having her music used for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign.
In 2014, she decided to move to Venice Beach, California, where she took time out to truly get to know what path to take next, and dug deep to uncover what she was capable of and expand her musical talents, after stating that she felt burnt out.
According to the singer-songwriter, the music that she has produced since moving to California is the most “impassioned and inspired of her life”, invigorated by the inspiring nature and scenic spots, and new memories.

This September, Tunstall is introducing her new full-length album, which has been branded as the follow-up to her debut and described as psychedelic rock, a different musical perspective on her earlier work.

She will also be performing with the BBC’s Scottish Symphony Orchestra at the Proms in the Park, in Glasgow.

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Tunstall is currently in the middle of the “Highlands and Islands” tour, where she will be performing an array of material in preparation for the launch of her new album.

The singer-songwriter will be performing in venues at Aberdeen, Inverness and Lerwick, and performed at The Loft in Ferres earlier this week.

On September 8th, KT will be performing at a special album release show, at the All Saints Church, London, before the album is available to purchase.

Tickets are still available to be purchased online for various locations, performances and tours for anyone who wishes to attend a night to remember.



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